Benefits and Time Off

This company is designed interlock nicely with your life.

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100% Health Insurance Coverage

In the USA, your employer is only responsible to cover 50% of an employee's health insurance cost. The remainder of the cost is passed on to the employee, and comes out of their paycheck every month. We don't think this is ethical, so as of September 2018, we're commited to covering at least one (1x) of our four offered health insurance plans in full.

As of September 2018, the Healthcare plans we offer are:

  • Aetna x Justworks B3
  • Aetna x Justworks C3
  • Aetna x Justworks G1
  • Aetna x Justworks A3 (requires $57.32 employee contribution per month)

You can read more on our commitment to Healthcare here.

We believe Health Care is a human right, so at Sanctuary, we will always offer at least one tier of health insurance covered entirely by the company.

Premium Fridays

At Sanctuary we take the last Friday of every month off. We find that reseted, and refreshed developers create better products. Plus, it gives you a chance to camp or hike, and get out of this city, or even work on side projects or freelance in a calm, easy way!

You can read a bit more about Premium Friday here.

We like to say it's an extra 12 long weekends every year.

Untracked Vacations

There's something off about being given an allotment of days per year to live your life. We make a point of not tracking vacations - instead, you're expected to give at least around six weeks notice (more is better), and to use the policy within reason. We're all responsible humans, so we see no point in tracking days off.

You are, however, expected to take time off. At a minimum, you're expected to take at least 10 days off, in addition to Christmas, New Years and public holidays.

Optional 401k

Sanctuary offers an optional 401k for anyone who'd like to save for their future.

Please note - Sanctuary does not match employee contributions, as we'd prefer to give people the option to not use it (immigrants don't see much value in 401k if they plan to move home one day). Sanctuary does however cover all of the administrative fees for the account.

Profit Sharing

We share profit in a generous and egalitarian way.

Read more in our Getting Paid section!

Miscellaneous Benefits

Our payment provider, Justworks provides a slew of miscellaneous benefits like pre-tax commuter tickets. It all helps, so take a look and see what's on offer!

With Employer Contributions:

Free / Misc:

Employee Optional (requires contribution):

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