Quality and Hospitality

Technology companies aren't always that friendly. We're here to change that!

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The Big Reveal

We like to say that when a client first sees their website, it should be like a mic drop. They should be gob-smacked by how beautiful and perfect it is when they first open it.

It's that magic that has them raving about how easy we were to work with.

Making that happen is not magic: it's hard work. To pull this off, we must check our work at every breakpoint before pushing it up, critique every Pull Request for visual changes and CSS tweaks, and be dilligent about creating a backlog of TODO list items to address before the client sees the site.

A client may first open their website on their phone, so it's important that our Mobile version has the same level of polish as desktop!

Quality Assurance (QA)

As hard as we work during the build, there's always going to be some QA. The builds we're most proud of are the ones the client barely has a comment on, but regardless, we should expect some notes.

QA is the period of time when a website goes from good to great. In this time, we put aside our ego and listen intently to designers and collaborators who are giving us feedback - we know that this is when our work really starts to shine.

Technical Hospitality

Working with Sanctuary Computer should be an effortless and welcoming experience.

For that reason, we stand by the following points:

  • Our clients feel like we can solve their problems with simplicity, rather than complexity (even if there's hard problems under the hood).
  • We ensure that our technical language is accessible, digestable, and easy to understand.
  • We work to lower the amount of organizational work our client needs to do on their end.
  • When our client is talking, we listen, and listen hard. Our job is to read their mind, not steer the conversation.

The way we describe our approach to client relationships is best described as Technical Hospitality, and you can read more about it here.

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